Mobile Marketing Summit New York Sept. 12: GE, American Eagle, Citi, Gilt, Time, Ogilvy, Cabela’s, InterContinental

Registration is open for the fourth annual Mobile Marketing Summit: Holiday Focus 2013 New York conference Thursday, Sept. 12 featuring speakers from General Electric, American Eagle Outfitters, Citi, Gilt Groupe, Time Inc., Ogilvy & Mather, InterContinental Hotels and Cabela’s. This day-long New York event is a must-attend for brands, retailers, ad agencies and publishers looking to map out an effective mobile marketing and commerce strategy tying in with other channels, especially around the holiday season.

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Affle’s messaging service gets good response in mobile media

PTI Apr 27, 2008, 04.41pm IST

MUMBAI: Next generation short messaging service SMS 2.0 developed by UK-based firm Affle has got encouraging response in mobile advertising, making it the largest mobile media platform in India.

Launched late last year with mobile service operator Airtel, Affle is in close talks with other telecom players to offer similar service, a top company official said.

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How Mobile Phones Change the Way We Live

Author: jason Holzberg
Published: March 18, 2011 at 8:42 am

Since you woke up this morning, how many times have you reached for your mobile phone to perform an entire range of tasks—banking , checking email, sending a text, watching news, making a call?

Everything about our lives these days is portable. No device is more important than the mobile phone in keeping you connected on the go, and with the onset of the smart phone more people have more access to more information than ever before. And it’s not just the U.S. In recent years the number of cell phone users worldwide has skyrocketed, with mobile subscriptions in the developing world growing at a rate of 25 percent per year.

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Wireless Charging Soon Available for Devices Smaller Than Mobile Phones

Mar. 18, 2013 — Wireless charging will soon be available for more and more mobile phones. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is working with the industry’s leading technological companies and standardisation bodies to expand the scope of application of wireless charging technology to other, smaller portable devices, such as mobile phone accessories, wrist devices, wireless mice and sensors. This can be done by combining wireless power transmission with NFC connectivity technology, which enables cost-effective and compact design.

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562 Words Essay on mobile phone: a boon to modern civilization

We are living in an electronic age. The whole world is taking a new turn with every fraction of time. It has given birth to globalization. The world has been contracted and concised at a tip.

There are a lot of new means of communication which have made our life so simple and easy going. Mobile phone can be seen as the most used present day phenomenon in this fast growing time. Mobile phone is a revolutionary step in the field of tele-communication.

We had the days when the telephones only served the purpose of communication through sound. Mobile phone has completely changed the concept of the telephoning. Now a phone is not only a mere phone but it is a lot in itself.

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