Hire the Best Business Consulting Company in India

If you want to take your business higher in order to have maximum profit, hire a leading business consulting company in India. Yes, these consulting firms with their rich talent pool of experienced professionals have a sound understanding of local business environment and strong ability to utilize the specific knowledge of business in order to deliver you superior quality technology solutions. Some of the renowned firms present in the market have years of experience in this respective field and thus are the experts in providing effective and efficient business solutions to plethora of leading IT organizations in different sectors.

These experienced firms successfully implement and leveraged upon a leading enterprise solutions. With their team of experts these firms are fully equipped in order cope any sort of difficult problem and make sure that your company reach the highest point of success. By offering simple and enriching experience to all your clients, these firms believe in partnering with your customers and step into your shoes in order to understand your business needs. Then accordingly mobilize right resources and professional expertise in order to take your venture higher.


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Get Customised Android Apps developed for Your Business

All of us need applications to make our work easy and quick. Today such apps are all the more important for business houses which strive hard to make a strong hold in the market. Imagine, how wonderful it be if you get to customise the applications required for your business. This will not only give a boost to your business, but will also help in increasing the productivity levels.

Software Developers India (SDI) Android apps developers can help all kinds of companies and businesses to have Android apps customised for themselves. Android apps for business can be further distributed among employees and overall work efficiency of an organisation can be improved. To do so, all you need to do is to contact SDI app developers and rest will be taken care off by them.


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India’s Internet user population is 73.9 million, 3rd largest in world

NEW DELHI: India with 73.9 million Net users is the world’s third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan but behind China and the US, according to research firm ComScore.

Rising number of mobile audience, devices and consumption habits reveal that consumers are becoming more platform agnostic in their digital media consumption and switch devices to stay up to date on email, news, social media, said ComScore’s India Digital Future in Focus 2013.

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Warren Buffett firm bets big on mobiles, social media in India

   NEW DELHI: With an aim to become a leading online insurance provider, the Indian venture of Warren Buffett-led Berkshire group is betting big on the popularity of mobile phones and social media to boost its business.

Berkshire India sells motor, travel and health insurance products online at on BerkshireInsurance.com and it will soon start selling life insurance products as a corporate agent of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance.

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Security Features of the Upcoming iOS 7

WWDC 2013 was the most searched keyword on Google in the past few weeks and not only over the Internet, in real world everyone was seen talking about it. This is obvious as Apple events are a trendsetter and hence, everyone waits for them quite eagerly. As expected, Apple officials announced its much-awaited iOS 7. Everything sounded very common until they started narrating about visual changes and new security features installed in the iOS. This made me realize that this iOS has something different as it is completely overhauled by Apple’s designing team led by Sir Jonathan Paul “Jony” Ive. They have given main importance to the security and this; I feel is the impact of warning given by the federal government to raise security standards of devices made by them. Here are few security features in the new iOS 7 that pulled my attention.

1. Activation Lock – Theft or lost devices were the biggest concern for Apple and the source of inspiration behind devising a completely altered “Activation Lock”. With the new activation lock, if a thief tries to deactivate “Find my Phone” or wipe the device, it will become inoperable until the proper username and iCloud password is fed.

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The Devices Trends in Mobile Devices and Accessories

Due to the continuously advancing technology, a number of devices are being added in the league of high-end tools that make our job much easier and convenient on a daily basis. These new devices come with a number of built-in features and are ideal to replace several gadgets. Consider a Smartphone that is well-efficient to replace any other standard phone, mp3 players, reminders, watches, calculators, internet surfing devices and also have word processing capabilities.

However one of the device that truly offers its users a remarkable experience of internet surfing and playing games is indeed a tablet or tab. These are certainly not new to the industry and come in variety of sizes, styles and enhanced capabilities. You can either use it for entertainment purposes or even for presentations and meetings.

The screen size for the tabs is available in as small as 7 inch to as large as a 10 inch screen. After the screen size, you have the choice of operating system from Apple’s iOS to Android and windows. Irrespective of your objective of using the tab, there are several accessories that you can use to make your tab experience much effective and enjoyable.

The best thing is that even if you decide to upgrade the tab or buy any other device later on, the accessories can still be used. They are generally available for plenty of several tab models. Mentioned below are some of most useful and popular accessories that you can get for your device.


Moto X Android Phone to Increase Google Ad Dollars

Back in 2011 when Google first announced they were in the process of purchasing Motorola many people raised their eye browse as to why a Digital Advertising Company was even considering buying such a Business.

Firstly many believed Motorola’s days where over with the extinction of the once popular Razor handsets (wow remember those), plus to say they was losing market share to the new players in town, with the likes of Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG and Blackberry devices was an understatement.

However they eventually did purchase Motorola and at a whopping 12.5Billion price tag that was eventually finalised in May 2012.

Like most acquisitions Google, sold off the units and areas of the business that they never had any real interest in such as the set top box, and manufacturing business.

Though once the dust had settled they had a great company with an arsenal of mobile technology and history of popping out winning handsets, all they needed was the Google boffins and some really cool smart phone ideas to bring to market.

Now before you start saying, what does this have to do with the price of bread, listen up as it has everything to do with the bread you can eventually make as the Android team would like us believe.

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How to increase iphone battery life? Tips

Iphones are the first choice of the people today because these handsets have accomplished the requirements of the people. These handsets look modern and beautiful; some people only use these cellphones for showing off in front of the people. People who are using these cell phones for showing off apart from those mostly people who are working in a big organization and in big companies or marketers and businessmen are also using these services.


People who are related to the business needed small device which can help them to do their work anywhere and anytime. They required the internet, so that they should be able to access all the information anywhere they want. In this condition they all prefer I phone .With the help of my phone they can access internet anywhere; they can check their email account. Most of the time they don’t get time , so in that case they want to do online shopping with their cell , all these requirements are fulfilled with the help of this handset.

Battery of I phone

Battery of any device is the most important thing because it stores power and due to this power only that the device works. We can understand the importance of the life of our handset battery. If we get some way to buy that we could increase the life our battery so nothing will be better than this thing.

To increase the battery life of your cell, we are giving some tips here; we hope it will help you to sun yourcell phone up to long time.

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Mobile 3D Game Development and the Mobile Gaming Experience

Mobile 3D game development is a lucrative portion of the app industry, since it comprises almost 70% of all mobile applications. This growth has been accelerated with the arrival of smartphones and tablets in the world market. Reputed companies that develop such software taking gaming to a new level in this domain through a variety of platforms and with the usage of latest technology.

Market intelligence company Juniper Research explains that as per its recent report, smartphones and tablets would be major devices through which apps will be purchased in the future. As per the company, 64.1 billion smart device game app downloads would take place during 2017, which is much higher than the 21 billion figure that was achieved in 2012. This clearly shows that the mobile sectos is expected to continue growing at a frenetic pace.

Apart from the above, Juniper also anticipates that cloud technology will play a major role in supporting the operations of multi-platform games, as per author Siân Rowlands. These should include a big chunk of 3D games. To provide the best gaming experience, phone device memory continues to rise, resulting in better graphics. Hand-held video game consoles such as 3DS are clearly being affected by the increase in smartphones and tablets. This can be proven by this fact that Nintendo has cut its forecast for 3DS sales by 14 percent.

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How Internet & Mobile Media have Become Two Top Mediums of Advertising?

Competition is everywhere and it also forms a meaningful part and parcel of every business- be it brand or service. Especially for brands, it is important to compete with other brands in order to provide maximum revenue. Competition again enables brands to bully others (however only through a positive approach). As a part of the competition, one cannot adopt unethical means or techniques of creating a richer impact of the brand on customers’ mind. Advertising is the one and only tool for every brand owner to take part in any prevailing competition. Besides, advertising also bridges the gap between customers and brand owners thereby generating awareness amongst customers and later inspiring them to buy or adopt the advertised product. Many are the ways of brand advertising; many are the tactics and techniques. Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising (also known as Online Advertising) – these two have become two emerging methods of promoting brands.

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