How Smartphones Have Changed The World?

Nobody still can tell which smartphone works best or popular than the other. The long war is still on debate up to now among mobile fanatics. A helpful analysis would be to check on the range of knowledge on smartphones and, also, the type of buyer in people today. According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIPR) survey, dated June 2012 to June 2013, thirty-seven percent (37%) of mobile buyers, who had never spent buying a smartphone before owning a Samsung phone, have found the brand more popular than others (Apple iPhone5, Blackberry, HTC and Motorola.) Such said is higher than the twenty-six percent (26%) people using Apple mobile phones.

Yet, Apple was not quick to beat. The CIPR also have shown that the new generation these days actually has changed their smartphonepreferences, from Samsung to using and buying Apple phones. To which, I.T. experts believed to be a very sudden shift in the technology industry, considering the very high price that Apple phones offer to consumers. The said group of new generation people is from the richer class of society, who carries good education and earns more income compared to the buyers of Samsung phones. In addition, twenty-percent (20%) of this group are the ones who previously use Samsung then switched to owning an Apple iPhone 5.

Then in July 2012, there was a quick come back by Samsung, using a strategy that boosted its performance greater than Apple and other smartphones in the technology industry. This took place during the time that sales on Apple phones plummeted to fourteen percent (14%.) Also, at this point, the brand is seen at its weakest point, in the last three (3) years. Samsung covered more marketshare and was able to produce double the usual number of handsets. What happened? A top reason was the “lacklustre” of iPhone 5 sales and exceeding competitive brands beside from Samsung like Blackberry, HTC and Motorola.

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Security Concerns when Buying Airtime Online

One of the main fruits of globalization is the creation of e-commerce sites. This is because you can buy almost anything that you want while you are just sitting at home in front of your computer. Hence, you no longer need to go to the shopping malls in order to get the item that you want. Aside from that, it has also expanded our horizon of options since we are no longer limited to the items that are currently available in our area. This is even made more convenient through the use of payment options like credit card. However, there are few things you need to be concerned about, which include the following.

How do they use your information?

First and foremost, you should be aware how the site you are dealing with is using the information that you are providing to them during the purchase process. Of course, when you order, you will provide them with some details that are personal. For example, when you buy online airtime purchase with credit card, you will be asked about your credit card numberand the security code, which is usually a three-digit number found at the back of the card. Aside from that, your name, address and contact details are vital too. It is in this regard that you should read the privacy policy of the site first before making any transaction.

 What is the layer of protection?

Secondly, it is also important to ask yourself about the layer of protection that the e-commerce site is giving to you. This is vital because it will no longer make you worry. Like in the example above when you buy online airtime purchase with credit card, it would be good to know the different layers of security blanket that the site has in order to prevent cyber theft. Without this, your details and personal information can be stolen by cyber criminals who will use this in order to commit fraudulent activities and the like.

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Awesome Plans of 3G Technology

Mobile phones are found in an immense usage among the people all over the globe in a very wide range. It is essential to keep a latest look at the advancement of the current development and the technological growth that helps the citizens to get motivated towards these electronic devices in a large manner. You only have to keep the latest updates in your mind and go on to the shop and make an efficient purchase of the mobile phones with a beautiful SIM card in your hand ready with activation.

Airtel 3G plans

Among the latest technological versions the 3G is becoming more popular among the other service providers. We can find quite a number of customers using the Airtel 3G plans for their recharging facilities and also have major features like the video technology that is an enhanced version of the current product. These enhanced versions of the 3G mobiles can also be used along with the other service providers and gain more advancement in their features.

Other than the recharging of the mobile phone from a good shop close by, the online recharge Airtel mobiles increasing among the users to a large extent. Due to this immense usage you can find that the customers search their plans in the web pages like the where you can do your recharges online even late at night which is not of much difficulty for the users. You can find the list of all the plans that are available from the cheapest rates to the most expensive one, that enable the customers to make their own choice based on the validity and the talk time value.

Learning more on mobile application development: a step into the future!

Why you should learn more on mobile application development? Well, the answer is very simple: because the future is all about mobile applications, all about smartphones and complicated software. So, when everybody is discussing about custom software development, it seems only normal to start understanding more about the concept, the providers, the costs and the benefits resulted. In other words, you need the latest technologies and platforms to enter the real business world online. By investing in mobile applications and systems, by considering mobile marketing, you have the possibility to increase your number of clients and implicitly profits. However, there is one condition to comply with: work with a serious and reliable company and you will enjoy great advantages in a short period of time!

Do you want to learn more on custom software development? Do you think that being present online represents the future of your company? Well, then you are on the right track: it means that you have perfectly understood how the market will develop! In this sense, investing in mobile application development seems like the only way to go. According to numbers and official reports, it’s definitely a great way to reinforce your position on the market and conquer more clients in your niche.

So, since everybody keeps saying that custom software development is good, let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits? Let’s start with the most obvious advantage of mobile application development: the high number of customers you can reach! As the number of people owning a mobile is increasing, so is the number of people that use this device to handle various personal and professional issues.

How to Reduce Data Roaming Charges

Roaming is a common term which refers to the availability of the network to the mobile phones in the areas far away from the home location wherever the service of a particular network is registered. Data roaming is to receive data through internet over different cellular networks outside the area of your mobile operator. It may charge you extra to use the services outside the coverage area.

One always wants to get connected to the network either in home town or in another city. And for getting connected to the network while travelling, one has to pay roaming charges.

Data roaming charges are the extra charges to be paid on using internet service outside the service provider. Different types of roaming charges are:-


    • National roaming charges – National charges are taken by the different service providers outside the city but within the country.


    • International roaming charges – These charges are taken by the service providers outside the country.

It is very much clear to everyone that International roaming is more expensive than National roaming. And different service providers take different Roaming data charges.Why to pay Data Roaming Charges

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Why Mobile Apps Are Important for Your Business?

Your Customers are on mobile, Is your Business? Apps plays a very important role in the expansion of your Business. Mobile Apps are also called as Game Changers for your small, large and medium-sized business. Gone are the days when you manage everything inside your cubicle only. SmartPhones like iPhone, Android, iPad have reassigned all the files, reports and tasks from your cubicle right into your pocket! The percentage increase of website traffic coming from mobile devices has increased to 67% which can prove to be an important asset for your business.

There is a rapid increase of mobile usage in current year. Smartphones are widely used in all major industries whether it is business, restaurants, e-shopping or any educational sectors. If you own a business and you also have an app for business then you can easily retain your customers and there are more chances that you are getting best and maximum leads for your online business. The graph of mobile usage in business is increasing with every passing year due to which over 65% of well known brands have deployed many number of mobile applications for the smooth flow and success of their online business.

Current Scenario of iphone/android apps usage
Many companies have made the mobile a serious part of their marketing strategy. More than 50% users make the use of their smart phones before buying any product. Additionally 70% of the shoppers operate the smartphone during the shopping. This chart is actually improving together with every single moving past season. The future of mobile apps is very promising too. Numerous corporations have understood the potential of apps and many business owners have developed an app to showcase their business objectives, products and services. Using mobile apps you can share work docs through apps, can manage project through apps and can do many business related activities very easily right from your pocket. Using mobile app for your business, you can easily attract more customers in the new market daily and be in touch with your customers anywhere, anytime. In this era of internet and social media you can extend the market of your business by advertising your services or business on those sites. Higher user engagement with your business mobile app will automatically strengthen your company brand and your business as well.

Our Mobile Apps Development Services includes:

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