My experience in expanding business of the cellphone accessories

3 years ago I and my wife moved to Kansas and open a store for selling mobile accessories in a Pedestrian Mall. The business is neither good nor bad. I want to make a different on what the products type, selling what others don’t have. But the rare the product is, the fewer customers will buy. So I start to think, if I can produce customized products that will be nice, so that I can provide customized products to different customers.

For the mobile phone stickers, custom cellphone stickers…etc. is become more and more popular these days. Suppliers of the mobile accessories are trying their best to sell their product to me, while I usually judge by the price and popularity of them. I am not going to make advertisement here so I just omit those brand names.

It’s true that the mobile phone housings, cases are very popular, but the solution for decorating the cell phone is diversified, such as the mobile phone sticker, mobile skin and crystal etc. The cost for each solution is various, people have various apatite and their choices are different.


Learning more on mobile application development: a step into the future!

Why you should learn more on mobile application development? Well, the answer is very simple: because the future is all about mobile applications, all about smartphones and complicated software. So, when everybody is discussing about custom software development, it seems only normal to start understanding more about the concept, the providers, the costs and the benefits resulted. In other words, you need the latest technologies and platforms to enter the real business world online. By investing in mobile applications and systems, by considering mobile marketing, you have the possibility to increase your number of clients and implicitly profits. However, there is one condition to comply with: work with a serious and reliable company and you will enjoy great advantages in a short period of time!

Do you want to learn more on custom software development? Do you think that being present online represents the future of your company? Well, then you are on the right track: it means that you have perfectly understood how the market will develop! In this sense, investing in mobile application development seems like the only way to go. According to numbers and official reports, it’s definitely a great way to reinforce your position on the market and conquer more clients in your niche.

So, since everybody keeps saying that custom software development is good, let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits? Let’s start with the most obvious advantage of mobile application development: the high number of customers you can reach! As the number of people owning a mobile is increasing, so is the number of people that use this device to handle various personal and professional issues.

Best Mobile Phone on a Budget

The mobile phone market is reaching a new level of hypnotic obsession and the current context of the consumerism. The major players in the scenario are making huge revenues out of the demand that is somehow overshadowing the supply. The means of communication are no longer just the tools to communicate but they have reached a level where expression of the personality has taken over. The amazing features and the stunning and sleek designs leave no stone unturned to entice the huge audience that is there. The touch and the sense technology have surpassed the realms of innovation and imagination but still it is being worked upon to achieve new laurels and achievements. The music and entertainment have taken the front seat proving to be the decisive factor in the ultimate verdict of these magical electronics. The best part is that science is unraveling the new horizons and possibilities that can take the human species to the next level or beyond the edge. It would not come as a surprise for me if we hear of some path breaking technology in the coming years. The journey has been long and eventful but the results are highly pleasing and satisfying ensuring the wellbeing and advancement of electronics and communication all over the globe. The education departments too have taken it into their stride that students and the enthusiasts never feel left out or this branch of study is neglected at any stage due to other major programs taking the front seat.

Tips When Switching to 4G Mobile Plans

The Australian mobile network has seen significant growth in its 4G mobile users over the past 2 years. Telstra was the first to launch its 4G network and has taken a significant lead in customers using it. Optus followed over 12 months ago with its own 4G LTE network and has also enjoyed significant growth. Earlier this year, Vodafone also launched its 4G network promising the fastest 4G speeds in select CBD locations.

During this time, every new mobile phone that has entered the market has also launched with a 4G version. This has not been limited to the major mobile phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, we have also seen HTC and smaller players like Huawei join the 4G race.

The result for the consumer has been greater choice and improved pricing atleast in terms of handset options.

For those looking to try any of the three 4G networks, options include any mobile plan with a 24 month contract. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus all provide you with access to the 4G network if the plan runs for at least 24 months.

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Mobile Media Marketing and Your Business Success

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If you have a business and/or are looking for the latest and greatest in new technologies to get the word out to the public, this is it. Mobile marketing is a new way to not only get the word out to the public. It is also a great way to get information to your present customers and loyal members. This is a service that can be used by everyone to promote their services, products, or events. This type of service provides a total communications platform and would be great for all and great not only during regular business and during the holidays.

All businesses that could get great use from this type of service would be real estate professionals, restaurants and sports bars, spas and resorts, golf courses, churches, repair shops, ski resorts, retail shops, jewelers, political campaigns, charities, schools, car dealerships, youth activities, finance professionals, celebrities, concert venues, coaches and consultants, medical professionals, spas, motorcycle dealerships, casinos, promoters, nail salons, authors/publishers, specially stores, entrepreneurs, fitness centers, trainers, night clubs, antique collectors, travel agencies, furniture stores, community groups, bowling alleys and kiosks.
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Affle’s messaging service gets good response in mobile media

PTI Apr 27, 2008, 04.41pm IST

MUMBAI: Next generation short messaging service SMS 2.0 developed by UK-based firm Affle has got encouraging response in mobile advertising, making it the largest mobile media platform in India.

Launched late last year with mobile service operator Airtel, Affle is in close talks with other telecom players to offer similar service, a top company official said.

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How Mobile Phones Change the Way We Live

Author: jason Holzberg
Published: March 18, 2011 at 8:42 am

Since you woke up this morning, how many times have you reached for your mobile phone to perform an entire range of tasks—banking , checking email, sending a text, watching news, making a call?

Everything about our lives these days is portable. No device is more important than the mobile phone in keeping you connected on the go, and with the onset of the smart phone more people have more access to more information than ever before. And it’s not just the U.S. In recent years the number of cell phone users worldwide has skyrocketed, with mobile subscriptions in the developing world growing at a rate of 25 percent per year.

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