My experience in expanding business of the cellphone accessories

3 years ago I and my wife moved to Kansas and open a store for selling mobile accessories in a Pedestrian Mall. The business is neither good nor bad. I want to make a different on what the products type, selling what others don’t have. But the rare the product is, the fewer customers will buy. So I start to think, if I can produce customized products that will be nice, so that I can provide customized products to different customers.

For the mobile phone stickers, custom cellphone stickers…etc. is become more and more popular these days. Suppliers of the mobile accessories are trying their best to sell their product to me, while I usually judge by the price and popularity of them. I am not going to make advertisement here so I just omit those brand names.

It’s true that the mobile phone housings, cases are very popular, but the solution for decorating the cell phone is diversified, such as the mobile phone sticker, mobile skin and crystal etc. The cost for each solution is various, people have various apatite and their choices are different.


Awesome Plans of 3G Technology

Mobile phones are found in an immense usage among the people all over the globe in a very wide range. It is essential to keep a latest look at the advancement of the current development and the technological growth that helps the citizens to get motivated towards these electronic devices in a large manner. You only have to keep the latest updates in your mind and go on to the shop and make an efficient purchase of the mobile phones with a beautiful SIM card in your hand ready with activation.

Airtel 3G plans

Among the latest technological versions the 3G is becoming more popular among the other service providers. We can find quite a number of customers using the Airtel 3G plans for their recharging facilities and also have major features like the video technology that is an enhanced version of the current product. These enhanced versions of the 3G mobiles can also be used along with the other service providers and gain more advancement in their features.

Other than the recharging of the mobile phone from a good shop close by, the online recharge Airtel mobiles increasing among the users to a large extent. Due to this immense usage you can find that the customers search their plans in the web pages like the where you can do your recharges online even late at night which is not of much difficulty for the users. You can find the list of all the plans that are available from the cheapest rates to the most expensive one, that enable the customers to make their own choice based on the validity and the talk time value.

How to Reduce Data Roaming Charges

Roaming is a common term which refers to the availability of the network to the mobile phones in the areas far away from the home location wherever the service of a particular network is registered. Data roaming is to receive data through internet over different cellular networks outside the area of your mobile operator. It may charge you extra to use the services outside the coverage area.

One always wants to get connected to the network either in home town or in another city. And for getting connected to the network while travelling, one has to pay roaming charges.

Data roaming charges are the extra charges to be paid on using internet service outside the service provider. Different types of roaming charges are:-


    • National roaming charges – National charges are taken by the different service providers outside the city but within the country.


    • International roaming charges – These charges are taken by the service providers outside the country.

It is very much clear to everyone that International roaming is more expensive than National roaming. And different service providers take different Roaming data charges.Why to pay Data Roaming Charges

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Best Mobile Phone on a Budget

The mobile phone market is reaching a new level of hypnotic obsession and the current context of the consumerism. The major players in the scenario are making huge revenues out of the demand that is somehow overshadowing the supply. The means of communication are no longer just the tools to communicate but they have reached a level where expression of the personality has taken over. The amazing features and the stunning and sleek designs leave no stone unturned to entice the huge audience that is there. The touch and the sense technology have surpassed the realms of innovation and imagination but still it is being worked upon to achieve new laurels and achievements. The music and entertainment have taken the front seat proving to be the decisive factor in the ultimate verdict of these magical electronics. The best part is that science is unraveling the new horizons and possibilities that can take the human species to the next level or beyond the edge. It would not come as a surprise for me if we hear of some path breaking technology in the coming years. The journey has been long and eventful but the results are highly pleasing and satisfying ensuring the wellbeing and advancement of electronics and communication all over the globe. The education departments too have taken it into their stride that students and the enthusiasts never feel left out or this branch of study is neglected at any stage due to other major programs taking the front seat.

How to increase iphone battery life? Tips

Iphones are the first choice of the people today because these handsets have accomplished the requirements of the people. These handsets look modern and beautiful; some people only use these cellphones for showing off in front of the people. People who are using these cell phones for showing off apart from those mostly people who are working in a big organization and in big companies or marketers and businessmen are also using these services.


People who are related to the business needed small device which can help them to do their work anywhere and anytime. They required the internet, so that they should be able to access all the information anywhere they want. In this condition they all prefer I phone .With the help of my phone they can access internet anywhere; they can check their email account. Most of the time they don’t get time , so in that case they want to do online shopping with their cell , all these requirements are fulfilled with the help of this handset.

Battery of I phone

Battery of any device is the most important thing because it stores power and due to this power only that the device works. We can understand the importance of the life of our handset battery. If we get some way to buy that we could increase the life our battery so nothing will be better than this thing.

To increase the battery life of your cell, we are giving some tips here; we hope it will help you to sun yourcell phone up to long time.

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Profit From These Mobile Media Marketing Tips

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When it comes to marketing via mobile devices, you fill find that it means different things to different people and businesses. The advice in the following article can show you how to successfully implement a strategic plan for your mobile marketing campaigns.

Tip 1 – Offer Free Apps

There are numerous zero cost apps you can give away to prospects, however it is also not that difficult to create your own apps. You could create your very own app for your business which would be unique and would help make your mobile market thrive. There are tons of features to choose from; tailor your app to the kind of customers you are addressing.

Tip 2 – Utilize SEO Practices

Tip 3 – Get Social

Tip 4 – Test Various Pages

Tip 5 – Cater to Your Customers Specific Needs

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How Mobile Phones Change the Way We Live

Author: jason Holzberg
Published: March 18, 2011 at 8:42 am

Since you woke up this morning, how many times have you reached for your mobile phone to perform an entire range of tasks—banking , checking email, sending a text, watching news, making a call?

Everything about our lives these days is portable. No device is more important than the mobile phone in keeping you connected on the go, and with the onset of the smart phone more people have more access to more information than ever before. And it’s not just the U.S. In recent years the number of cell phone users worldwide has skyrocketed, with mobile subscriptions in the developing world growing at a rate of 25 percent per year.

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Wireless Charging Soon Available for Devices Smaller Than Mobile Phones

Mar. 18, 2013 — Wireless charging will soon be available for more and more mobile phones. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is working with the industry’s leading technological companies and standardisation bodies to expand the scope of application of wireless charging technology to other, smaller portable devices, such as mobile phone accessories, wrist devices, wireless mice and sensors. This can be done by combining wireless power transmission with NFC connectivity technology, which enables cost-effective and compact design.

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