How Smartphones Have Changed The World?

Nobody still can tell which smartphone works best or popular than the other. The long war is still on debate up to now among mobile fanatics. A helpful analysis would be to check on the range of knowledge on smartphones and, also, the type of buyer in people today. According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIPR) survey, dated June 2012 to June 2013, thirty-seven percent (37%) of mobile buyers, who had never spent buying a smartphone before owning a Samsung phone, have found the brand more popular than others (Apple iPhone5, Blackberry, HTC and Motorola.) Such said is higher than the twenty-six percent (26%) people using Apple mobile phones.

Yet, Apple was not quick to beat. The CIPR also have shown that the new generation these days actually has changed their smartphonepreferences, from Samsung to using and buying Apple phones. To which, I.T. experts believed to be a very sudden shift in the technology industry, considering the very high price that Apple phones offer to consumers. The said group of new generation people is from the richer class of society, who carries good education and earns more income compared to the buyers of Samsung phones. In addition, twenty-percent (20%) of this group are the ones who previously use Samsung then switched to owning an Apple iPhone 5.

Then in July 2012, there was a quick come back by Samsung, using a strategy that boosted its performance greater than Apple and other smartphones in the technology industry. This took place during the time that sales on Apple phones plummeted to fourteen percent (14%.) Also, at this point, the brand is seen at its weakest point, in the last three (3) years. Samsung covered more marketshare and was able to produce double the usual number of handsets. What happened? A top reason was the “lacklustre” of iPhone 5 sales and exceeding competitive brands beside from Samsung like Blackberry, HTC and Motorola.

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Best Mobile Phone on a Budget

The mobile phone market is reaching a new level of hypnotic obsession and the current context of the consumerism. The major players in the scenario are making huge revenues out of the demand that is somehow overshadowing the supply. The means of communication are no longer just the tools to communicate but they have reached a level where expression of the personality has taken over. The amazing features and the stunning and sleek designs leave no stone unturned to entice the huge audience that is there. The touch and the sense technology have surpassed the realms of innovation and imagination but still it is being worked upon to achieve new laurels and achievements. The music and entertainment have taken the front seat proving to be the decisive factor in the ultimate verdict of these magical electronics. The best part is that science is unraveling the new horizons and possibilities that can take the human species to the next level or beyond the edge. It would not come as a surprise for me if we hear of some path breaking technology in the coming years. The journey has been long and eventful but the results are highly pleasing and satisfying ensuring the wellbeing and advancement of electronics and communication all over the globe. The education departments too have taken it into their stride that students and the enthusiasts never feel left out or this branch of study is neglected at any stage due to other major programs taking the front seat.

How To Track A Lost Phone

Once you find the phone is missing, do not panic. If you find your mobile missing for just a short span of time, there are greater chances that you get back your mobile. After relaxing yourself for few seconds, call your mobile phone from your friend’s cell phone and check out if you are able to find it. There are chances that you could have placed it somewhere and forgotten it. There are several applications that can be installed to track the stolen phone. We shall discuss the features of those applications and measures that can be taken to keep your device safe.

Change passwords

As your mobile is for your personal use, there are chances that you have your bank account or social networking sites to be accessible. The immediate step that has to be taken is to change the passwords for everything that you believe can be reached from your mobile. If you have applications installed in your phone, then activate them by going online. You will have provisions to lock your data or back up your information or at times if you feel they are very confidential, you can also delete them.
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Tips When Switching to 4G Mobile Plans

The Australian mobile network has seen significant growth in its 4G mobile users over the past 2 years. Telstra was the first to launch its 4G network and has taken a significant lead in customers using it. Optus followed over 12 months ago with its own 4G LTE network and has also enjoyed significant growth. Earlier this year, Vodafone also launched its 4G network promising the fastest 4G speeds in select CBD locations.

During this time, every new mobile phone that has entered the market has also launched with a 4G version. This has not been limited to the major mobile phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, we have also seen HTC and smaller players like Huawei join the 4G race.

The result for the consumer has been greater choice and improved pricing atleast in terms of handset options.

For those looking to try any of the three 4G networks, options include any mobile plan with a 24 month contract. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus all provide you with access to the 4G network if the plan runs for at least 24 months.

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The Devices Trends in Mobile Devices and Accessories

Due to the continuously advancing technology, a number of devices are being added in the league of high-end tools that make our job much easier and convenient on a daily basis. These new devices come with a number of built-in features and are ideal to replace several gadgets. Consider a Smartphone that is well-efficient to replace any other standard phone, mp3 players, reminders, watches, calculators, internet surfing devices and also have word processing capabilities.

However one of the device that truly offers its users a remarkable experience of internet surfing and playing games is indeed a tablet or tab. These are certainly not new to the industry and come in variety of sizes, styles and enhanced capabilities. You can either use it for entertainment purposes or even for presentations and meetings.

The screen size for the tabs is available in as small as 7 inch to as large as a 10 inch screen. After the screen size, you have the choice of operating system from Apple’s iOS to Android and windows. Irrespective of your objective of using the tab, there are several accessories that you can use to make your tab experience much effective and enjoyable.

The best thing is that even if you decide to upgrade the tab or buy any other device later on, the accessories can still be used. They are generally available for plenty of several tab models. Mentioned below are some of most useful and popular accessories that you can get for your device.


Moto X Android Phone to Increase Google Ad Dollars

Back in 2011 when Google first announced they were in the process of purchasing Motorola many people raised their eye browse as to why a Digital Advertising Company was even considering buying such a Business.

Firstly many believed Motorola’s days where over with the extinction of the once popular Razor handsets (wow remember those), plus to say they was losing market share to the new players in town, with the likes of Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG and Blackberry devices was an understatement.

However they eventually did purchase Motorola and at a whopping 12.5Billion price tag that was eventually finalised in May 2012.

Like most acquisitions Google, sold off the units and areas of the business that they never had any real interest in such as the set top box, and manufacturing business.

Though once the dust had settled they had a great company with an arsenal of mobile technology and history of popping out winning handsets, all they needed was the Google boffins and some really cool smart phone ideas to bring to market.

Now before you start saying, what does this have to do with the price of bread, listen up as it has everything to do with the bread you can eventually make as the Android team would like us believe.

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